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What makes Auto Glass services in Utah unique?

Our quality and dedication to automotive SERVICE shop. At the Logan and Ogden Aatopia we love cars, and it shows by our detail and use of quality parts and products. Most auto glass suppliers choose the most inexpensive route when it comes replacing parts on your vehicle. Contrary to their views quality OEM parts are better for your vehicle in that they are warrantied to fit right. Auto glass OEM parts for example have been crash tested. They typically weigh on average 5 lbs heavier then a cheaper aftermarket windshield. We use premium products with urethanes that have a 1 hr drive away time and chemical cure not tempurature as the climates in Utah may vary as our standard not upon special request.


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Auto Glass a life saving device in your vehicle?

What 99% of Auto glass shops wont tell you, since they don't understand, is that your windshield is one of the most important saftey features installed in todays vehicles. The dangers of improper installation or using low, quality uncrash tested auto glass could be a mistake most people would never in there wildest dreams agree to if they fully understood the risks involved.  We take vehicles safety very seriously, as we are one of less than 10% of auto glass shops in the state that carry a license to dismantle saftey features including air bags seat belts etc. So why would you allow an autoglass shop even some of the big national names out there to work on a life saving device in your vehicle or does it even matter? Why don't you judge for yourself. We install only OEM quality glass that on average weighs 5lbs more then an aftermarket windshield. In a frontal accident this protective laminate accounts for 40% of the vehicles structural strength, and 60% in a roll over. Airbags also depend on the windshield. If the windshield is ejected in a frontal accident, not only does the windshield fail at keeping foreign objects out and passengers in, but the airbags deploy against the glass and depend on it’s stability to provide cushion to the driver and front passenger. If the windshield is ejected, the airbags have no support, fold over the hood, and are completely useless. If the windshield is ejected during a rollover, the roof crushes much easier, coming in on the occupants and creating a life threatening situation. When new model vehicles are tested, they are required to withstand 1.5 times the entire vehicles weight at the top of each A-pillar (the front edges of the roof at the top of each top corner of the windshield). Unless the vehicle has an OEM quality windshield, OEM quality urethane sealant to hold the glass in, and correct installation method to insure proper bond between body/sealant & glass/sealant, this standard cannot be achieved. We only use sealants manufactured by Dow Automotive Systems, which supplies OEM sealants for 90% of the worlds new vehicle factories. Using a chemical cure system, not heat cure, the installations we do have a Safe Drive Away Time of under 1 hour, meaning in 1 hour the glass will remain in the vehicle and provide support as it should in an accident. The urethane sealant at this point has a strength of 600 psi. Once fully cured, it will have a strength of 1000 psi. Still not convinced? Check out 20/20's documentary on the subject

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My car is in an accident, does it matter who does the repair? 

Many car owners who have never been in an accident before are unaware of the choices they can make when it comes to selecting a qualified repair shop. Somewhat like Apple and Android you have a choice when it comes to selecting the shop you would like. There are two types of shops a direct repair shop who has a contract with the insurance customer and an independent shop like Aatopia who has a contract with you the customer!! After all it is your vehicle not theres correct? And there purpose is to repair the vehicle if you get into an accident. Although we have many local Insurance agents like American Family Russ Perry,  Josh Barnett, Deni Woosley, JD Parry , Allstate Chrity Juber, Farmers Ed Toone, Travis Womack,  State Farm John Dunkley and more who value our quality, workmanship and customer service over an unsatisfied customer. Unless you have extensive experience in auto body restoration you may not know the difference but your car surely will. As a Direct repair shops are contracted to do the work for as cheap as possible (thats why they have the contract). Having this type of relationship makes it a conflict of interest just check out their independant reviews to see how unhappy customers are with their product vs the care and Service we will work to give you. Should we blend or paint the entire panel, repair or replace? Are these the questions someone who works for you can answer better or someone who has a conflict of repairing it for you. We love our Agents and hope more will see the value of the work that we do.  

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