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Auto Repair in Ogden, Utah

Nation Wide Auto Repair Warranty

When analyzing a quaified auto repair shop it is important to not only find  a shop that is trustworthy but will give you confidence in their work. Aatopia knows that while you may live in Ogden Utah your car may travel outside of the that area. For this very reason we offer a nationwide warranty on the belts, parts and mechanical labor we perform through our partner First Call which not only covers Ogden Utah but nationwide auto repair.

Trustworthy Auto Service

The fear of many when looking into getting their auto repair even here in Ogden Utah is often a balance between fixing the parts that are required in order to maintain safety and emissions standards and repairing every belt, shaft, and bearing in your car. We understand this and know that budgets are tight and being affordable is how we can help you. If at any time ask us what we would fix if it was our car. Our promise is to give you a straight answer from people who live frugully in Ogden, Utah  and have budgets for their auto repair SERVICE  too.

Confidence in SERVICE

SERVICE is a word often blown when it comes to auto repair. In Aatopia of Ogden Utah we are part of a company that loves Cars. We recruit people with this love to repair and diagnos as we know that they will treat your car as you would want to treat it. We even have a spark in capitalizing  the word SERVICE so that we remember that whether we are changing your brakes, replacing your bearings or any other SERVICE that we are performing this care for you in a professional affordable manner.

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(801) 399-1791


746 North Harrisville Rd

Ogden UT 84404

(The big Auto SERVICE center at the SouthEast corner of US89 and Wall intersection)




List of just some of many of our services

  • Auto Brake Repair

  • Electrical Diagnosis and work

  • AC and Heating system

  • Shocks, struts, and suspension

  • Fan belt

  • Timing belt

  • Alternator belt

  • Water pumps and belt

  • Radiator Repair or replacement

  • Inspections (No Utah state at this time)