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Auto Collision Repair and Body Work  in Ogden, Utah

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind the work that we do. We often see work from shops where in 2 or 3 years the clear coat has already begin to peel. Or the paint begins to crack because instead of repairing the vehicle correctly they slapped a thick layer of Bondo on the job.  *Our paint work is guaranteed not to bubble or crack.

*Rust is practically impossible to stop once it has begun.  Like  a cancer it spreads and contaminates all the parts it touches. We do offer various solutions to prevent the rust from returning and in most cases are successful however we cannot guarantee that the rust will not return. 

Professional Auto Paint

While anyone can apply paint to a car. Leave it to the experts at Aatopia to repair, sand, paint and refinish your vehicle in a proffessional manner. With our patented paint system this allows us to ensure the paint match is correct every time. Many shops will cut corners and try and not remove moldings, windows and other attachments which interfere with the seal of a quality paint job. Because of this attention our work will come out looking professional as part of our proffessional paint service guarnantee.

Confidence in SERVICE

SERVICE is a word often blown when it comes to auto collision. Some shops do not have the complete knowledge of how to repair the vehicle correctly or lack the tools needed to do a professional repair. At Aatopia of Ogden Utah we are a company that loves Cars. We recruit people with this love to repair and diagnos as we know that they will treat your car as you would want to treat it. Ensuring the work that we do is performed how you would do it. We even capatilize the word SERVICE so that we remember that whether we are removing a fendor, realligning the frame or doing an entire paint job we are performing this  SERVICE for you with confidence.

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List of just some of many of our services

  • Auto Body Repair

  • Auto Frame Repair

  • Collision Repair

  • Auto Paint and Refinish

  • Clear Bra

  • Vehicle Restoration

  • PDR (Paintless Dent Removal)

  • Spray on Bed Liner