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Why choose Aatopia for Auto Repair or Body Work on your Ogden, Utah area vehicles? 

So lets say you get your brakes fixed at another auto repair shop in Ogden. You are on your way up to Logan to check out glass work that was done at Utah State University. You check your engine and all systems are go, but as you pass Willard you begin hearing that all too familiar brak noise again. Since you believe you recieved a quality automobile body repair job you continue on the road until suddenly your car stops.  You look under the fendor of your vehicle and the cracked parts you see can only lead to one thing. An improper installation. You call the repair shop that fixed your vehicle and they point out that the warranty the gave you only covers a 20 mile radius and your broke down vehicle would need to be towed into their shop from Logan. The tow bill alone just lost everything you would ever save by using their service.

Had this been Aatopia we cover a nationwide warranty service on our automotive parts through First Call  body repair shops. To beat that the towing would be covered to a local networked shop and handled with the least amount of hassle. This and many other reasons is why car lovers choose Aatopia Auto Care for all their automotive needs.

Attention to SERVICE

SERVICE is the backbone of our company. It is our main goal and focus and to assure that we go above and beyond in making sure that you recieve the best Auto Body Repair SERVICE possible. Somewhere along the line SERVICE has been lost. We will bring back and perfect the lost art of automobile body SERVICE. Our Company has set and will hold the higest standard, in making sure that we take complete care of you and your car. We will make sure that all of our team members know and understand the high standard that we have set. We hope you have the best experience here in Ogden, Utah Aatopia and will share with your friends and family our vision.

What makes Auto Glass and Detailing services in Logan, UT unique?

Our quality and dedication to automotive SERVICE shop. At the Logan and Ogden Aatopia we love cars, and it shows by our detail and use of quality parts and products. Most auto glass suppliers choose the most inexpensive route when it comes replacing parts on your vehicle. Contrary to their views quality OEM parts are better for your vehicle in that they are warrantied to fit right. Auto glass OEM parts for example have been crash tested. They typically weigh on average 5 lbs heavier then a cheaper aftermarket windshield. We use premium products with urethanes that have a 1 hr drive away time and chemical cure not tempurature as the climates in Utah may vary as our standard not upon special request.

Our full body repair & detail shop on most vehicles takes 4-6 hrs allowing us to identify areas that need assistance and go over all the cracks and crevaces in your car. 

Actual Customer Reviews

Going to Aatopia shop in Logan, Utah  was the best decision I've ever made! I didn't know where to take my car and I called around for three days until I talked to Aatopia. They were very helpful on the phone and they provided the exact repair service I was looking for, and for a GREAT PRICE. My range rover had a bunch of little scratches all over the car body, and these guys went the extra mile by buffing all the annoying little scratches out by hand with three different phases and then to top it off they put a fresh coat of wax on it. They also taped and masked off the entire car and when I got it back it looked as good as NEW. Thanks Aatopia for all of your hard work on my auto, I'm sure I will be calling you guys up AGAIN soon!

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