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A few months ago your radiator cracked and began spewing coolant everywhere making a mess and risking the engine integrity in your car. You took it into a shop and paid several hundred dollars to have it replaced. Now seven months later your radiator is spewing coolant again, and appears to have broken yet again. You call up the shop asking what they can do for you since you already had the radiator fixed there once this year. The shop owner says the best he can do is a discount on the replacement and that he’s sorry it broke. Does this sound familiar to you?

Every year hundreds-of-thousands of dollars are wasted fixing cars that have already been repaired recently. When you’re spending that kind of money it is important to know the job is being done correctly, but also that the repairs will last. That’s why at Aatopia we offer a 12 month / 12,000 mile nationwide warranty on repair services. With free towing anywhere in the country and complimentary part replacement, you can trust that Aatopia has you covered no matter what life throws your way.

If your car ever breaks down after being serviced at Aatopia, we’ll tow it to our shop free of charge. Additionally if a part that we’ve replaced fails, we’ll replace that part free of charge.* So next time you need to repair your radiator, brakes, suspension or anything else on your car make sure your first call is to Aatopia Automotive Repairs in Ogden, UT. 

  *Some Restrictions apply. Policy does not cover abused vehicles or parts damaged by the owner.  Free towing applies only on repairs completed by Aatopia on brakes, radiators, suspensions, and other vital components. 

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Auto Glass a life saving device in your vehicle?

What 99% of Auto glass shops wont tell you is that your windshield is one of the most important saftey features installed in todays vehicles. READ MORE 

My car was in an accident, does it matter who does the repair? 

Many car owners who have never been in an accident before are unaware that there are two types of shops a direct repair shop who has a contract with the insurance customer and an independent shop like Aatopia who has a contract with you the customer!!  READ MORE

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Fall Tune Up

Fall is always a great time of year. Time to put away all the toys and get ready for the football season.  Your car can use a great clean up as well. Gettting you prepared for the cold climates we face here in Utah is something you don't want to leave to the last moment. Whether you just need your oil changed or major automotive repair give our ASE Certified technitions a chance to show why we think they are the best in the industry. Our average repair techinition has over 15 years of industry experience which goes along way in making sure your repair is done right the first time.

Look how our industry leading warranty has helped customers like you:

Last year Dave Jenkins had his alternator replaced by Aatopia. Just nine months later, during the brutal Utah winter, Dave’s truck began having trouble starting, before giving out entirely while he was spending the holidays with his sister in Idaho. Dave called Aatopia to report that his alternator was once again broken and needed repairs. In response to his needs, Aatopia towed Dave’s truck over two-hundred miles back to our Ogden shop.  During inspection, an ASE certified mechanic found that Dave’s new alternator had gone bad.  Since the part was covered under our 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty, we completed over $450 in repairs, including replacement of the alternator on Dave’s truck.  At the end of the day Dave walked out without spending a penny, and with a smile on his face.

Actual Customer Reviews

Going to Aatopia shop in Logan, Utah  was the best decision I've ever made! I didn't know where to take my car and I called around for three days until I talked to Aatopia. They were very helpful on the phone and they provided the exact repair service I was looking for, and for a GREAT PRICE. My range rover had a bunch of little scratches all over the car body, and these guys went the extra mile by buffing all the annoying little scratches out by hand with three different phases and then to top it off they put a fresh coat of wax on it. They also taped and masked off the entire car and when I got it back it looked as good as NEW. Thanks Aatopia for all of your hard work on my auto, I'm sure I will be calling you guys up AGAIN soon!

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Oprah Winfrey, along entertainment mogul David Geffen and Larry Ellison of America’s Cup fame would like to become the new owners of the LA Clippers. One journalist summed the potential purchase to say what Winfrey would bring to the table. Instead of getting a free tshirt or boble head doll how about free cars?  Oprah Winfrey had brought much energy to her shows with a free car give away. Could something like this “A car for you! And you! And you! …” bring new revitilization behind the wounded LA Clippers Nation? Donald Sterling allegedly made a racist remark to his then girlfriend and has since been banned from the NBA and LA Clippers games forever. If Sterling is forced to sell the team there will most likely be a lawsuit to follow which could tie up the team for years. But for now we will all just enjoy the idea of free Oprah cars.